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In 2016 a temporary market place was established by our previous Council and Mayor on our Beachfront in Wasaga Beach while waiting for redevelopment.  It consisted of retro colourful kiosks that vendors could rent to sell food or their wares.  It included a outdoor Beach Bar.  Enjoyed by our tourists and residents alike it became a popular tourist attraction.  The New Council has decided prematurely to dismantle the Beach Bar and destroy the 3 year old kiosks at the Taxpayer's expense costing us thousands of dollars sending 11 of them to the landfill , even though they have received an offer to purchase them by Mark Crowe a local developer for $10,000 and remove them at his expense.  Instead 5 members of Council including the Mayor have completely ignored this offer and to the shock of many had a town employee remove them in the middle of the night on Sunday December 8 and hide them in the Bush on a site on Veterans Way without any explanation.  The Public have not been privy to the discussions about the Kiosks even though we as Taxpayers paid for them.  It has all been done behind closed doors.

The new Mayor and 5 Council members have decided that even though the debt for these kiosks is minimal ($200,000) and they have generated a profit over the last 2 years it was time for them to go.  The Council has suggested they will replace the popular tourist attraction with a Fire Pit. 

Please say no to sending these Kiosks to the Landfill for no reason by signing this Petition.  Ask these Councillors if it was their personal property would they take the $10,000 or would they pay for them to be destroyed and sent to a landfill?  Time is running out for these Kiosks that this Council have blatantly abandoned and left to deteriorate while they await their fate.