Save Piles Coppice Wood. Stop intervention in this Warwickshire gem.

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On the very edge of Coventry, little known until Coronavirus hit and local people discovered its timeless beauty, is a wood that has been recorded as probably the most important wood in the Midlands.

Piles Coppice is a tiny remnant of ancient Arden woodland, mentioned in the Doomsday Book and praised by woodland expect Oliver Rackham, it has remained much the same for centuries and untouched for as long as anyone can remember. It is amazingly healthy and surviving against all the odds next to a very busy dual carriageway. It has an important Tree Preservation Order. It has the best displays of anemones and bluebells in Warwickshire and the birdsong, from a wide range of birds, is incredible. 

It was taken over by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust a couple of years ago and they have just published an alarmingly destructive plan of how they intend to “manage” it. So a group of tree-loving conservationists have spent the last 18 months researching the history of the wood and carrying out surveys of its amazing wildlife, some of which has proved to be extremely rare, including, Red Data Book moths and a fungus which was previously only recorded in Hampshire.

Yet, in order to extract timber, the Trust are proposing to tear through this wood with big, dirty machinery, destroying ancient trees and the precious peace and habitat of this unique place, contrary to everything they are supposed to stand for. Their present campaign is called “Let Nature Help”, but instead this plan will destroy natural habitats. The rare birds, moths and bats will disappear, as will the bluebells and other rare plants and fungi.

Everyone else is saying we must plant trees, to store carbon and protect against Climate Change. How much stored carbon will this plan release?

Current science is saying that outdated woodland management has to change. It is vital to protect canopy to keep out pollution and preserve microclimates. 

This wood is so special it should be a national treasure, not a source of firewood. Please sign our petition asking Warwickshire Wildlife Trust to leave this wood alone.