Revoke licence from Assembly Leamington unless they take responsibility for negligence.

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Elliot Fieldhouse-Allen
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Due to a bad reaction to drugs twinned with an inability to access water resulting in an attendee of the event dying of dehydration.

"Attendees say one jug of water was provided for more than 1,000 people which was ‘barely refilled’, while £5 bottles sold out at around 2.30am, before the event’s 4am finish time. Some say they resorted to filling up cups and bottles using taps in the toilets, which reportedly stopped working at one point during the event. Punters say it was so hot and sweaty they could hardly breathe and say you could see ‘moisture on the walls’. One eyewitness who saw the 19-year-old clubber and tried to help him onto the cooler stairwell said bouncers did not step in to assist until paramedics arrived. Andrew Kier, 22, from Peterborough, said: ‘The heat was horrendous. There was absolutely no ventilation whatsoever, I’m surprised how many people got ill.’ - Metro (

This is clearly a negligent operation and until they take responsibility for the death and put in place steps to avoid this from ever happening again their licence should be revoked.

We cannot allow venues that are unable to provide something as simple as water at an event. It is a violation of the duty of care that venues have for their customers!