Keep our children's centers open

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It was reported by Nuneaton News this morning (15/06/2017) that reassessment of our children's centers will take place, with some facing closure. This would be a terrible mistake for Warwickshire County Council. Across the borough there are thousands of families that rely on services provided by these centers. There are also hundreds of parents of children with additional needs who use these centers as a lifeline. My son is 3 years old and is on the waiting list for ASD assessment. Its already been a long battle to get this far but the children's centers within the borough have been the first places I call should I need help or advice. My sons community peadiatrician, Speech & Language therapist and health visitor are all based at the childrens centers under threat. Where will we be taking our amazing kids for their appointments? There are stay n' play sessions held at these centers that are specifically for children with additional needs, support groups for parents and constant access to a range of friendly advice that our children need without fear of us being judged should a meltdown happen or if we have no one else to talk to and we're at our wits end as parents. These centers can not close. Our children can not loose anymore. They have already been through so much...and so have we! Surely it's better to invest in our children now so that they stand a better chance of giving back to society when they reach adulthood.

The centers that are at AT RISK are; Bedworth Heath, Bulkington, Ladybrook, Park Lane, Rainbow, and Riversley children's centre.