Justice for lunch hall dinners

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This specific person prevents people who want to take food to eat from being taken.

Portions of food are already limited and we are informed that there’s a huge amount of waste from our dinning hall yet we cannot ask for larger portions until six-form.

He will not even allow a peice of fruit to be taken if you initially forget and politely ask to collect one apple or orange he just asks you to leave.

He assumes that a Korean person in my year is a Chinese border and therefore accuses him of coming in for lunch more than once just becuse he thinks he looks like other people that don’t even share his nationality.

This in itself is unnecessary and a large number of people have voiced their opinions in getting this issue dealt with.

And as it seems that these new strict changes and way of lunch hall management have changed since his placement, it seems he is the source of the issue.

We would like this issue brought to the attention of the Governers and whoever else it concerns. This petition is to raise attention for this reason.

This petition is also to adress the lack of food in the lunch hall.

when a nice option such as chocolate brownies is available is consistently runs out before half way through lunch.

Furthermore the same people always miss out as lunch times are now set so lower fourth go in first every day which was never the case until this school year.

Finally, through pupil voice pupils are in theory given the opportunity to pick school meals through a voting system.

However what was voted for last time did not come into place, to solve this issue students should have the opportunity to decide on a larger portion of the school menu to match it to student needs.

This in turn would cut waste as pupils received the meals that they voted for.

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