Stop the waste site on Winwick Road

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I object to this waste site for the below reasons:

•This will massively reduce house prices in our area, in an area that is still recovering from the house price crash, this would almost make any house in Orford and surrounding areas unsellable,

•This will add to the already terrible traffic situation, congestion around Winwick Road (A49) is already extremely busy, with the proposed amount of lorries entering and exiting the site will only add to the already busy traffic , 

•There are eateries within minutes of this proposed site, who would want to sit outside a pub or restaurant with that smell,( there is a hotel and restaurant opposite the proposed site),  a lot of investment has been made in the area to make it a place people want to visit , i,e the junction 9 retail park ,the retail next McDonald's would be situated right next to the proposed site  warrington collegiate , and not to mention the council run and operated" jubilee live wire ,these businesses and establisments would undoubtedly suffer.

•The attraction  of vermin, flies and all manner of pests will be unmanageable, as will be the smell ,

 this site will have a massively negative impact on our area and should not be allowed to go ahead.  These sites should never be put into heavily populated areas , no way would this be allowed to happen in Appleton ,grappenhall  Stockton Heath to name a few , 

please sign this petition to stop this happening in our area , if we do nothing this will go ahead!!