Protect Warrington from Unauthorised Traveller Encampments

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Warrington has endured several unauthorised traveller encampments in recent years, each time causing damage, mess, thefts, distress, and great expense. The Traveller incursions have brought fear, misery, suffering and personal loss to the residents and businesses in and around Warrington.

Warrington has clearly been seen as a soft target, proven by repeated and escalating level of incursions and something needs to be done to protect the people who live and work here.

We call for the police to take stronger action against travellers who cause anti-social behaviour and criminal damage. Also for Warrington Borough Council to make areas unavailable to these encampments.

The traveller encampments haven't just been prevalent, it has been out of control. This needs to be reviewed in light of recent events and to ensure that the safety and safeguarding of the community is paramount."