Save the Northern Beaches Horses

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Do you like seeing the horses dotted about the Northern Beaches?  Well, that may soon be at thing of the past. As will seeing pet goats, sheep, pigs, cattle, alpacas etc.

Northern Beaches Council have proposed a new policy to prevent Large Residential Lots from having animals.
The new Animals Policy states that on Large Lot Residential land:
'Keeping horses will be prohibited (along with goats, alpacas, roosters etc).'

Under the new council review ' Horses and Livestock are prohibited from All beaches, creeks, (with the exception of the bridle trail in Terrey HIlls), lagoons, sporting fields and bushland reserves (with the exeception of the bridle trail in Terrey Hills and JJ Hills Melbourne Memorial Reserve)'... The latter being shared with the pony club and multiple cycling groups. 

The new laws also state a maximum of five hens and two bee hives per household.

The banning of the horses from everywhere, as proposed, will have a ripple effect. This will impact horse boarding facilities, trainers, instructors, farriers, stable hands, feed delivery companies (we currently have four coming around multiple times a week in the area), horse dentists, chiros, massage therapists, vets, food outlets, horse bedding companies, clothing stores, cafes, landscapers... all supported by the horse industry to name just a few.

Horses and other large animals are currently kept in Warriewood, Bayview, Elanora, Ingleside, Terrey Hills, Duffys Forest, Oxford Falls, Beacon Hill and Belrose. The local horse community is very active; with multiple clubs, both adult and pony (children), as well as many recreational riders.

This proposal is without community consultation or input and shows the council are entirely pet unfriendly - which, interestingly is the opposite of the local constituents.

Please sign to show the council that we, as the community, do not agree to their proposed new laws, and that we, as a community, enjoy having the lifestyle on the Northern Beaches which allows such things as horses, goats, chickens and other animals.

Please also fill in a submission here - deadline is December 8...