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Warrensburg City Sign Ordinance Amendment Rebuttal

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The City of Warrensburg, MO is initiating a change to City Ordinance Section 27-504 to increase maximum sign height at interchanges from 30 feet to 90 feet. This amendment only affects the truck stop currently being proposed across Hwy 13 from Cayhill subdivision. As there seems to be very little we can do about the truck stop we can work to ensure that we mitigate its negative effects on our neighborhood such as an 90 ft sign added to an already unpleasant view of truck stop and Dollar Tree warehouse. Please review the letter below outlining the zoning meeting results and reason for this petition.

One more thing, our voices need to be heard by the City Council. This means not only do we need signatures on this petition, we also need to show up at the next City Council meeting Feb 12th at 7PM in the Warrensburg Municipal Center 200 S. Holden.

All Concerned,

Last evening (Feb 5th) I attended the Warrensburg Zoning and Planning Board meeting. The main reason I attended was to voice a portion of Cayhill residents’ concerns on the 8.29 Acre light industrial zoning request put in by Oil Investments LLC owned by Weldon Brady who also owns Brady Commerce Park. The zoning request was for building of a gas station and convenience store at the site. More digging has discovered that it will be a truck stop (per JoCo Commissioner) to the dismay of many in the Cayhill Subdivision. I voiced our concerns to the board as follows:

Increased traffic through subdivision due to truck stop and Dollar Tree warehouse
Increased noise and light pollution from said truck stop
Decrease in property values due to the proximity of Warehouse and proposed truck stop
View of a 80 ft-90ft sign, tests done at the site, when City Ordinance 27-504 states a 30 ft max sign height for Warrensburg.
As, at the time, I was only representing 10% of Cayhill my concerns fell mostly on deaf ears. They voted unanimously to approve the light industrial zoning for that 8.29 acre plot while also stating this zoning would have minimal impact to the surrounding neighborhood. One council member did speak up to voice his opinion they need to do better in listening to neighborhood’s concerns when zoning and construction affects said neighborhood. Almost immediately other board members chimed in to say these meetings are what that is for and they pushed the meeting forward with no other discussion other than saying we should talk to the Traffic Commission.

One of the last items discussed at the meeting was an amendment to Ordinance 27-504 regarding signs. This amendment was to increase sign height to 90 ft at interchanges only. This would be for signs at DD Hwy/13 Hwy interchange and the Hwy 50/13 Hwy interchange which would allow the 90 ft sign as seen at the proposed truck stop.

 This amendment proposal was added late last week which I was not aware of. One of the board members told me he didn’t know it was added to the agenda until it appeared less than 1 week before Zoning meeting.

The amendment passed with a 5-2 vote with one abstaining. Those against the new amendment didn’t feel it was necessary for a sign that large in Warrensburg especially since other cities in Missouri larger than Warrensburg didn’t allow signs that high (See chart below)


CITY                                                                                          SIGN HEIGHT MAX
Lee’s Summit                                                                              30 ft
Columbia                                                                                     30 ft
Jefferson City                                                                               32 ft
Sedalia                                                                                        35 ft
Columbia Billboard                                 Hwy – 12 ft/Interstate – 45 ft/Freeway – 30 ft
Boonville                                                                                     60 ft
Springfield                                                                                   70 ft
Warrensburg                                  Current – 30 ft/Proposed – 90 ft interchanges only

This petition to the Warrensburg City Council is to voice our displeasure of having a sign that large just outside of our neighborhood and can be easily seen by all houses near or adjacent to the Cayhill entrance. We would like the current 30 ft max sign height ordinance to stay in place with no change. The houses at the entrance already have unpleasant views of the Dollar Tree and future truck stop which can, and most likely will, reduce desirability during resale which thus drives down property values throughout the neighborhood.

The City Council looks at numbers of concerned citizens when voting on measures, lets make sure ours are heard and please sign, you can also sign anonymously.


Anthony Bickerton

Concerned Cayhill Resident


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