Remove and Relocate the Confederate Memorial in Warren County, Virginia

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Samuel Porter
Samuel Porter signed this petition

As a young Black man, a retired U.S. Navy Veteran, the Vice President and Chief Communications Officer of Front Royal Unites, a resident of Front Royal and Warren County, Virginia I am asking that we all come together to take action regarding the Confederate War memorial located on public property - the Warren County Courthouse. I urge you to support this petition because one day in the future they'll look back to see what we did - the time to act is now, not later. Will you help bring about good and positive change? Let's do it together. Together we are united. Together we are Front Royal. 



On July 1, 2020, all localities in Virginia were given the authority to use their power to relocate or contextualize Confederate statues. This new law passed in Virginia helps make our state more equitable, just, and inclusive. Senate Bill 183 and House Bill 1537 effectively overturn Virginia's prohibition on the removal of Confederate War Memorials. 22 days has passed, again, the time to act is now and not later. 

We must show other citizens of not only Warren County, but the Shenandoah County, the citizens of Virginia, and the nation at large that we give no safe harbor to such hatred. We must support the removal of the Confederate monument at the Warren County courthouse.

Confederate symbols  on public land, in effect, endorse a movement founded on white supremacy. If our government continue to pay homage to the Confederacy, people of color can never be sure they will be treated fairly. And we will never solve our community's problems if an entire group of citizens is alienated or feels targets for discrimination.

Confederate symbols belong in museums and on private property. In museums, we can learn about their full history. Citizens will always have the right to fly the Confederate flag. They can still erect monuments on their own property. That will not change.

But it is past time to move our monument to an appropriate place.

As a signer of this petition, we urge the removal and relocation, and ask others of authority in Warren County (Front Royal alike) to support such action without delay.

We the undersigned propose the local county government do any of the following:

1) Relocate the Confederate War memorial at the courthouse to a museum. 

2) Relocate the Confederate War memorial to a cemetery. (Example: Prospect Hill Cemetery)

3) Remove the Confederate War memorial and return it to the Daughters of the Confederacy.

4) Create a small committee made up of residents to formulate proposals of additional locations, not to extend 30 days and not used to delay the ultimate removal of the Confederate War memorial at the courthouse.


Regardless of how the county chooses to proceed one thing is clear -  the statue must be removed, relocated, or given back.

We, the undersigned, believe it is only right to take action now.