Heroin users to be criminally charged when overdose requires ems attention.

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Springfield and Clark county have been hit hard by heroin addiction like the rest of the country. Overdoses have skyrocketed along with the use of Narcan. If you drink and drive you will be charged. Even if you are addicted to alcohol. If you smoke weed and drive or are caught with it you can face charges. Why have I seen a neighbor overdose, get Narcan and be back at his house the same day? This petition will be delivered to Mayor Warren Copeland when completed. If you use heroin, overdose and emergency medical has to respond you should face criminal charges even if it's mandatory drug counseling, losing your license or similar consequences for other illegal substances. This is what this petition is for. Thank you for  signing this and standing up for your community. 


Disclaimer: I am not arguing the belief system many have that addiction is a disease. I'm merely arguing if an alcohol abuser receives criminal charges so should the heroin abuser.