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No Warren Central Warrior Left Behind!

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On a beautiful Valentine’s Day in 2018, a striking incident happened in Warren Central...

A young man, Ken, wanted to give his girlfriend a special gift. With Prom coming up, what better than a promposal?

Ken asked his beloved girlfriend to prom, handing her flowers, and balloons attached to a small giftbag. It was a very “aww” moment as the warrior nation gathered to watch this beautiful promposal.

While all beautiful, it took a heartbreaking turn. Ken was sent to the office. He was almost expelled. Instead, he had to sign a no contact contract with his GIRLFRIEND. Someone very near and dear to his heart. He was also informed he couldn’t participate in any school activities the rest of his SENIOR year, including prom.

While at lunch, a teacher informed those thinking about doing a promposal to first talk to their cohorts otherwise it could “take a very bad turn”. I, myself didn’t know we had to first talk to our cohorts. Many others did not know either.

Last year, Warren Central hosted a competition for the cutest promposal. The winner would win two tickets to prom. There were promposals left and right.

So far this year, I have already seen about four and prom is still a few months away. There was even one after his today as well.

Ken should get another chance!

With so much heartbreak, emotional stress, and loss in the warren central community we feel that this act of love should not only be accepted but should be encouraged!

Ken should not be punished and have his senior year fun, and prom, taken away because he wanted to make his girlfriend happy this Valentine’s Day.

No warrior should be left behind. No warrior should have to miss out on any event this special. It’s unjust that he is secluded from all activities and prom with a no contact against his very own girlfriend.

We are warriors. We are ONE.

We ask that you please contact Warren central in regards to this and ask for a change.

Warren central - 317-532-6200
Principal - Mr. Shepler 317-532-6203
Associate principal - Emily Brown 317-532-6220
Dr. Dena Cushenberry
Administrative Assistant
Carol Graham
Other contacts -


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