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Stop stunning, plucking, and killing 12,000 chickens per hour.

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Let's tell Warren Buffett, the world's greatest investor, to stop killing more than 12,000 chickens per hour to make profit. Many of us know something is very wrong in our industrial food supply and the animal factory farms that make up a growing percentage of it. So when I learned that Warren Buffett is making money off mass animal destruction, I cried. ran a story about a subsidiary of his company Berkshire Hathaway that sells the Meyn Maestro, a device that stuns, plucks, and kills up to 12,000 chickens every hour. It is the best-selling chicken evisceration technology on the market and allows Buffett to earn dollars from the death of each chicken that meets the Meyn Maestro. More animal killings means more profit. But how long can that system go on?

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Of course, Buffett isn't the only person responsible for and profitting from tens of thousands of animal killings each hour. But he surely is the most well known.

As an entrepreneur and investor myself, I know the power our choices make, which is why I launched which feeds 12 meals to hungry Americans from each of our unique clothing designs we sell. We can solve food supply problems in ways that don't require 12,000 chicken deaths per hour.

And you don't have to be a vegetarian like me to know something is wrong in a system where 80% of the chicken sold by Tyson Foods had either salmonella or campylobacter according to 2010 findings from Consumer Reports.

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I ate meat for 30 years and have made choices to reduce animal suffering for myself by becoming a vegetarian. But I know it is unrealistic to ask you to stop eating meat. Instead, if humans are going to eat meat, the animals at the very least should be treated properly.

Tell Warren Buffett to profit off of things other than animal suffering. Ask him to have a heart. As it is, he already is the world's third richest man. Does he really need profit from more than 12,000 chicken deaths an hour to pad his already-swollen bank account?

By signing this petition, you are asking Warren Buffett to divest his holdings at Berkshire Hathaway that profit from the mass killings of animals every hour.

Please sign this petition and I will deliver it to Warren Buffett's headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska.

Thank you,

Alok Appadurai

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