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Please Virginia Beach and Baltimore, Cancel R. Kelly The After Party Tour

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I am encouraging leaders to immediately  cancel R. Kelly’s upcoming “The After Party Tour” in Virginia Beach, VA 7/28/17, and Baltimore, MD 7/29/17!  With Maryland ranking 8th and Virginia ranking 15th in US in reported cases of human trafficking and abuse I am encouraging the leaders of both cities to step in with a call to action and cancel Mr. Kelly’s upcoming shows.   

With the recent passing of HB 2282 in VA newly taking effect this year I am encouraging your support of banning the R. Kelly tour on July 28, 2017 in your city  with hopes that the show scheduled for July 29, 2017 in Baltimore being cancelled as well.  I hope this petition can create awareness through your support by not allowing Mr. Kelly to perform in your cities thus continuing to fund these profound allegations only to eventually ultimately settle with dozens of women after the abuse was inflicted. 

This behavior needs to be stopped and allowing an artist who is suspected of such activities, should not be allowed to continue his disgraceful mission in your cities or any other city.  He clearly has prayed on young women and no one is able to legally stop him.  But by cancelling his show maybe this will promote the artist to finally clarify with the families and the public of what is really going on with their loved ones. As a parent would you not want to know how you daughter is if you had not seen her for an extended period of time. 

We need your cities help to send R. Kelly  and his staff the message that this disrespectful behavior should not and will not be tolerated. Clearly Mr. Kelly’s ethical and professional respect does not align with such change.  The public is just as much to blame as we continue to unknowingly support this slave like antics with these young women.  Is this a cult?  Is this mind control? Who knows but one fact is that none of the young ladies have been truly mentored only hidden from the world.  If these women were talented and recruited based on talent and looks, why has Mr. Kelly, not showcased their treasures to the world creating their own success.  Oh because they are not there for the purpose of advancement in their own craft so they are captive!

Most of the families cannot get their daughters to return home even for family events, emergencies, deaths or even just a visit.  This is NOT normal behavior patterns for their beloved children.  The assumption is that some type of mental abuse has taken place but until they are reunited with their families that will remain unknown. 

Since Mr. Kelly, has not made any effort to prove to the public that he is not involved in human trafficking like activities and the mass majority would assume otherwise.  We firmly believe that another victim could be sought or found in any of the cities that allows the “After Party Tour into their city. 

Mr. Kelly has a long history of after party encounters which resulted in civil suits that he chose to pay off outside of the courts for unknown amounts.  This mind control of polygamy activities is very suspicious because he still has the opportunity to continue his monster behaviors at the cost of these young ladies minds forever!  Most of the young ladies currently involved are not known to have come from broken or troubled home. These parents have built their daughters confidence up only for it to be taken with no regards.  These young ladies talents are being lost each moment that is wasted in the control of Mr. Kelly.  Help us brings these young ladies home.  

Please help us stop the funding of his vicious mind controlling activities before someone is hurt beyond repair!









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