Remaster & Rerelease VAN HALEN 1986-2015 discography.

Remaster & Rerelease VAN HALEN 1986-2015 discography.

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Max Mareci started this petition to Warner Music Group and

This past October the great Eddie Van Halen passed away unexpectedly, he was a true innovator & a musical genius in so many ways and this petition is for him.

As of right now the only Van Halen albums available to purchase new remastered on vinyl are the first 6 albums recorded & released by the band in 1978,1979,1980,1981,1982 & 1984 due to their 2007-2015 reunion with original singer David Lee Roth, only those albums were put back out. I’m petitioning RHINO, the catalog devision of Warner Music Group which is owned by Warner Bros. to help get the other Van Halen albums remastered & rereleased on vinyl & CD, as well as some concerts that were released on home video, the list is below, they have the power to do this, Eddie’s work deserves to live on, no matter what it is, that man gave so much to the world, he deserves to be properly honored, if all of his work can live on for eternity, Eddie will be eternal, as well as his band mates Michael,Dave,Sammy and of course his brother Alex Van Halen & Son Wolfgang Van Halen. This might seem ridiculous & it may never happen but if Van Halen ever taught us anything, it’s you have to have Dreams, am I right? Believe me millions of people have been clamoring to buy the rest for Eddie’s work for years, especially since his untimely passing which has caused the already climbing value of the original pressings to skyrocket since Eddie’s passing.


5150 - 1986.

OU812 - 1988.

For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge - 1991.

Van Halen LIVE: Right Here, Right Now - 1993.

Balance - 1995 should be released with the song “Crossing Over” that was originally a Japanese exclusive track & a b side for one of the singles. 

The Best of Vol 1. - 1996 which had 3 exclusive tracks, “Humans Being”(Sammy) and “Can’t Get This Stuff No More”(Dave) & “Me Wise Magic”(Dave).

Van Halen 3 - 1998 the only album to feature Gary Cherone.

Best of Both Worlds Compilation - 2004 also had 3 exclusive tracks all with Sammy, “It’s About Time”, “Up For Breakfast” and “Learning To See”.

Tokyo Dome Live In Concert - 2015 To Date this is the only official live album that features original lead vocalist Diamond David Lee Roth.

—Things originally released on home video that should be remastered and released on Blu Ray.

Live Without A Net - 1987.

Live: Right Here, Right Now - 1993.

Video Hits Vol.1 - 1996, this compilation was originally released on DVD, if possible a new special edition should be released but with the music videos remastered and the videos included that were excluded from the original release.

Warner Bros. If there is anything you can do please try, these releases sold MILLIONS, the fact that they are still in demand after being out of print for so long, really is a testament to Van Halen legacy, it would be a huge thing for Van Halen fans & it would mean a huge payday for you. Thank you for your time!! R.I.P. The King of 10 fingers & 6 strings Mr.Edward "Eddie" Lodewijk Van Halen!!

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