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Release De La Soul's entire back catalogue of music for online streaming

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Hip Hop pioneers, and legends De La Soul of hip hop's landmark album '3 Feet High and Rising' are unable to release any of their old back catalogue of music for online streaming, as the contracts they signed to clear all the samples they used, only specified "vinyl and cassette", and didn't cover internet streaming, as there was no way they could predict the future of online streaming in those days, and the wording in their contract wasn't vague enough to lend itself to new music technology. "So once the whole age of digital music came into play, new deals needed to be cut for those entire albums." explains Posdnuos

The master tapes are now owned by Warner Bros records, who have been reluctant to tackle the issue.

"They're like, 'Is it worth it?'" he says. "They've got to go through almost every song with a fine comb to make sure this sample or that sample was cleared. They just don't want to deal with it."

"Whenever we find someone who works there that's willing to help us, there'll be a change of the guard and a whole bunch of new people come in, and they don't know what's going on. It's been a very lengthy, draining process."

Posdnuos is particularly upset that new fans who discovered De La Soul through their collaboration with Gorillaz can only hear low-quality, unlicensed versions of the De La Soul's classic albums on YouTube, from which they earn nothing.

We're telling Warner Bros. "It's definitely worth it!" We want to hear De La Soul's entire back catalogue on our online music streaming services. De La Soul are the pinnacle of hip hop, they are the very definition of hip hop, they are one of the key players who defined, shaped, and molded hip hop, playing a very integral role in the growth and evolution of hip hop. Their music was and is innovating, and their words are so important for young people to hear, as they are poets with sharp tongues, and wise words that we all should take heed to. De La Soul have always stayed true to themselves, and true to art and creativity, inspiring all those who listen, and the world should not be denied that.

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