Keep Superficial on iTunes and Streaming Services

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Heidi Montag’s debut album “Superficial” was released in 2010 instantly becoming an LGBT classic. Songs such as “One More Drink” and the title track are Pride Playlist anthems. I and many other peers of mine were heartbroken to hear there is a possibility that the album will be removed from iTunes and Streaming Services. Montag worked hard and spent tons of money towards this LP. It would be an injustice to Montag fans, the LGBT community and pop lovers alike if this album is removed. Hopefully this petition will sway Warner Bros to renew the lease and allow Superficial to stay.

How you can help:

- Sign this petition.

- Stream Superficial on Apple Music/Spotify constantly. Buy the album on iTunes if you haven’t yet.

- Email Warner Music Group regarding the album and what it means to you and why it has to stay.