mentalist's revival or 8th season, years after the end.

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With greater interest in pay TV films and series during the quarantine, The Mentalist (2008-2015) became a sensation this month and helped TNT Series to be in the top 15 of pay TV for the first time, despite the series having finished a few years ago many fans never gave up hope for a new season or a "revival" Even today, after many years, it is very difficult to say goodbye to Patrick Jane! The truth is that we have a void ... The Mentalist ended and will always remain in the fans' memory, for his brilliant comedy moments, for the crimes committed, for the way they were solved, for the story, for the characters, for the authenticity, for everything . But even if it stayed in the past, we still have a glimmer of hope that The Mentalist will return. Every day we receive and I see people asking about a possible new season, we fans miss you all, the good old way Jane, the old CBI team and the new FBI .. We know that it ended when Jane finally managed to live a life after a great revenge, but there, as it ended, there is a big hook for a sequel. Not to mention that there were some questions and unknowns in the minds of many people after some events there in the 6th season. We fans just wanted new episodes or even a movie, it is not possible that a very good series cannot have new episodes. We are in full bloom and we can no longer live with the taste of "I want more" Please, we all over the world, we became a family because of this show.