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We want a standalone Katana movie !

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Katana's style oozes inspiration, greatness, and righteous awesomeness.

As presented in Suicide Squad, she has a major life goal she has thrown her life into and she is ready to hack and slash her way through everything that gets in the way.

Her ideals bring into question the mediocre pursuits of the world, and she pursues her commitment with steely resolve that makes me want to see more! Her character wakes me up and inspires me to look at things that are beyond my familiarity or even understanding.

With respect to Frank Miller, the Batman vs. Superman movie, and the latest Suicide Squad movie, many long time Batman fans fail to see Batman's character as portrayed by Ben Affleck relate in any meaningful way to the motivations of the character when he was younger. Batman's interest in killing Superman (because he might do something bad or embarrassing) differs from the Batman who wants to stop actual villains (like the criminals who killed his parents). The way he has no hesitation to protect Amanda Waller gives the impression of someone who lost sight of their inner longings and is merely going through the motions of their role. Indifferent, lethargic disillusionment.

Many of the DCEU characters have wrestled with their ideals (Deadshot with his daughter, among others), but they seem to be keeping them at arms length. Katana is crazy and willing to dive head long into them. She is up front about letting people know that even while she is comfortable having a drink with the villains, she's not blotting out the searing cuts she has emblazed into her soul.

Katana is an untapped mine of interesting stories and surprises waiting to draw in long time DC fans as well as broader audiences who see former heroes stumbling through their days half forgetting what used to drive them.

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