Supernatural: Men Of Letters spin-off

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With the CW series Supernatural coming to an end in 2020 with season 15 finale, an era of saving people and hunting things will be over.

But what if not all Winchesters leave our screens?

What if we learned more about the roots of Sam and Dean Winchester? What if we learned from their ancestors why the Winchesters are such great hunters, why family is so important to them and how everything started for the Winchesters? 

We would love to watch a spin-off, set in the 1950s, starring Gil McKinney as Henry Winchester.

We would love to meet Millie Winchester, who could have been the first female hunter or one of the few women of letters (fighting for her right to do what her heart tells her, being an incredible role model), we could learn how they met, how the Men of Letters (Kansas branch) were set up, about their experiences, experiments, their way to cope with the supernatural, their relationship with hunters back these days, there are so many great stories to tell! There could even show some fan favourites up: Gabriel, Rowena, maybe an Alfred Ketch who looks like his grandson / son Arthur... so so many possibilities. ❤️

We want Supernatural: Men of Letters.