Save Johnny Depp as Gellert Grindelwald in the movie "Fantastic Beasts"!

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The attention of all concerned to the fate of Johnny Depp! Another threat looms over him! In connection with the new round of “domestic violence” scandal initiated by Amber Heard, Warner Bros thought about removing him from the role of Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 3.
Although it is still at the level of rumors, but prevention is better than trying to change the already made decision. With this petition, I want to help not make a mistake in making a decision. Because condemning an innocent person is a big mistake, which will blemish the conscience. All those who are capable of soberly and sensibly thinking and making decisions on their own, have long understood that Johnny is not an abuser, but a victim. And not only physically (photographs of his injuries can be easily found, and this is not just one day, like Amber’s), but also morally and emotionally:


  • Amber Heard files for divorce 3 days after his mother death
  • Comes out with abuse allegations around the time of his Alice Through the Looking Glass premiere and his daughters birthday.


  • Comes out with more allegations 6  days after his best friend passes away
  • His son birthday
  • 2 days after his new movie The Professor trailer is released
  • A day before her own film premiere.

And the fact that for 3 years she does not allow him to live and work in peace! With her efforts, he lost a lot of money, the role of Captain Jack Sparrow, and now risks losing the role of Grindelwald! At this time, no one is in a hurry to remove her from films (for example Aquaman). Where's the justice? Why do the words of a woman believe that she wouldn’t say, almost without proof, and neither a photo nor a video or a testimony of many witnesses help a man??? The humiliation of men by women is no less discrimination than the humiliation of women by men! Think about it!
In addition, without Depp the film will lose a lot in artistic and commercial value, because no one better than him will cope with this role. And I, as a viewer, do not guarantee my trip to the cinema if he is not there. (Is that out of respect for JK Rowling, and I hope that she will still say her word, like last time). But we are talking about it right now. Johnny Depp - is our Grindelwald!
For the common good.