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Restarting production for Flash: The Fastest Man Alive game.

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So on 2008, Brash Entertainment licensed an open-world game of The Flash called Flash: Fastest Man Alive. They hired BottleRocket Entertainment to start production of the game. The game's story is centered around the 3rd incarnation of The Flash, Wally West and at his first 12 months of taking the mantle of Barry Allen after he presumably died in Crisis on Infinite Earths story arc in the comics. The main bosses of the game would be the Rouges gallery of the Flash and Hunter Zolomon AKA Zoom, and Gorilla Grodd as the Final Bosses. The game was going smoothly in production, test footages showed how great the development of the game was. They practically perfected the game mechanics and the speed animation of Flash making the game supremely enjoyable. The game would have been revolutionary for its time because of the perfect game controls. Its basically Spider-man 2 but better and with Flash. But sadly the retards in Brash Entertainment focused on making the cheap and easy to make games like Alvin and the chipmunks and Jumper which were extreme screw-ups BTW. These games were so big of screw-ups that investors started pulling out of the company therefore leading the company into bankruptcy. BottleRocket Entertainment worked hard on the game because it was their last hope. without new games to develop, the studio finally closed its doors. Officially declaring the death of Flash: The Fastest Man Alive. But we can do a petition to Warner Bros. to pick-up the remaining assets and give a new developer a chance to create the game. To satisfy all of us Flash fans and Comic fans. To know more about the setting and how cool the game is and how it works, go check out DidYouKnowGaming's episode of Liam Robertson's Unseen64 titled "The Flash's cancelled Open World video game - Unseen64" So guys please help me push this petition through, this is the Flash game everyone has been waiting for.

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