Remove Zack Snyder from the DCEU.

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Didn't expect such support.

Wow,never expected this to cross 100 supporters' threshold.Thank you all for taking your precious time and making your voice heard on this platform. As things stand,Mr.Snyder isn't going anywhere and just started off the filming of Justice league,set to be released in 2017. This shouldn't be discouraging as not only this,but many other like-minded petitions have received the support of several thousand fans,who want DCEU to be a well-oiled machine pumping universally acclaimed blockbusters year in year out. If BvS's second and third weekend drop in global box-office is anything to go by,it would take a miracle to reach the magical number of $1 billion.This is a huge disappointment for a movie starring the three most popular superheroes ever. Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice is not only a critical flop but also a box-office disappointment(not same as flop/bomb). These things should surely be considered while going forward. The indication is clear that not only critics but the general audience also didn't like the movie much,giving it the legs necessary to be a huge blockbuster.Which is shocking considering that the studio damage controlled with "movie was made for fans,not critics" excuse. This is certainly not the case.They are divided whether it's an absolute disaster or the best CBM movie after the Dark Knight. In my honest opinion, Justice League should've been put on hold until the release of Suicide Squad(which looks amazing) and Wonder Woman.Remember,one can't build a house on the foundation of sand. P.S-Sorry for bad English,which is not my first language.

Taufique Radhakrishnan
5 years ago