Release Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League

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Justice League was supposed to be the culmination of Superman's journey to become the beacon of hope his father had dreamed. It had also the potential to be an epic about complex heroes in the vein of great Greek mythology.

The movie that is playing in theaters right now missed the point and has been tampered to the point only a shadow of what could have been remains. Superman's sudden change of heart and constant smiling feels unearned and anticlimactic given what the supposed stakes are (which honestly never feel that high for the League to be needed, while in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman they had a sense of urgency and real danger).

Clark's smile at the end of Man of Steel felt true and uplifting capped by Hans Zimmer's rousing score that truly symbolizes hope.

Danny Elfman's ill advised score takes away all of that. Gone are the powerful musical identities for Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman replaced with generic faceless action cues and callbacks to older versions of the characters that don't fit with this established universe.

When Zack Snyder chose to leave the production to deal with a family tragedy he had finished principal photography and had a cut of the movie. We were told that Joss Whedon was only going to finish some new scenes but would stay true to Mr. Snyder's vision.

We were lied and that is disrespectful to a talented and successful director who poured almost 10 years of his life into these movies and the fans who supported each of them. We deserve to see the film as it was intended from the beginning and as it was originally shot.

Warner Bros prizes itself as being a filmmaker friendly studio, which is evident in their work several visionary directors. It's time to prove this is also the case, specially given the personal tragedy that forced Mr. Snyder out of post-production.

When the time comes for the home video release, let us see not simply an extended version of Justice League, but the Zack Snyder's director's cut, if at all possible with a score by Junkie XL.

It is an investment, true, but one that we will fully support and will give a fitting close to the first chapter of the current DC movie universe. An opportunity to show that this franchise can truly stand apart from similar connected universes elsewhere.