Put more muscular, heavy, and curvy women in the movies!

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I think that it would be better to have more women that aren't skinny as a twig being filmed in your movies. Many women pictured in the movies have barely any muscle at all, and they are extremely thin. Women, including myself, would love it if we had women who were muscular, curvy, and heavy.

There has been a lot of progress regarding people who have more body fat than people on camera to have more representation, but we hardly ever see muscular, athletic women. 

Many women are actually afraid to even weight train because they are afraid of becoming "bulky". 

What kind of world is that? A world where someone is afraid of doing something that is good for their health and minds in order to be beautiful? It is almost as bad as women who put rings on their necks in order to make their necks grow longer. 

And, some women resort to eating disorders in order to try to maintain an unrealistic image of thinness.

Eating disorders were practically nonexistent in the 18th century and before that. Now, the rate of children under 12 being admitted to a hospital for eating disorders rose 119 percent in less than ten years. 

Why is it? One may ask. Well, I believe that it is because of the Western idea that beautiful people (specifically women) are thin. 


Do we want our little girls to grow up believing that to be thin as a twig is to be beautiful? Many girls play with Barbies-- which have proportions that are extremely uncommon--perhaps maybe impossible-- for a human to have. Do we want that to be the standard of beauty, when all we have to do to change that idea is to introduce more buff, heavier, and curvier women who have some meat on them in the media? Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj are only the start of this revolution. In the 1920's, Kim Kardashian's body would not be considered as beautiful at all when based on the ideals of that time. Women with no curves at all were the beautiful ones in that time. Now, people all across the globe admire Kim's body. This shows how easy it is for people to be swayed a certain way. Buff, heavy, and curvy women are hardly ever on camera-- now is the time to let these stunning women take the stage more, as well. Let's end the pain of eating disorders and not working out as hard as we could for "beauty" end once and for all. 


And, the quality of the acting will probably go up because there will be more of a variety of women to choose from!