Make DC and Warner Bros create a Perfect Doctor Fate Movie

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Do to the fact that the DC extended universe have a bad track reactor with their movies,(except Wonder Woman because it was perfect) their movies don't use any of the source materials from DC comics, but it's time to fix all of that.

For this reason, I would like to have Warner Bros and DC movies to make a perfect Doctor Fate movie. I want Warner Bros to have perfect screenwriters to write the script of the movie from source materials from the Doctor Fate comics, or adapt the comics of Doctor Fate into a movie script. For the Doctor Fate movie, I would want to have a perfect director to direct the film who knows about the superhero and to have a perfect vision of the Doctor Fate film perhaps David Yates, Guy Ritchie or Patty Jenkins.

For the cast of the Doctor Fate movie, let's have Ryan Gosling as the lead role as Kent Nelson/ Doctor Fate, Emma Stone as Inza Cramer(Kent's girlfriend), Gary Oldman as Sven Nelson (Kent's Father), Frank Grillo as Fate, Denzel Washington as Nabu the Wise, Steven Carell as Joachim Hesse, Jason Statham as Jim Corrigan/ The Spectre, James Franco as Tooley Wilson, Kristen Wiig as Debbie Niles, Ian McKellen as the Presence, Casper Crumps as Wotan, and Warner bros could cast the Lords of Chaos for me.

The plot of the Doctor Fate film will go like this. The film will be set in the 1940's where, a famous archaeologist Kent Nelson unwittingly awoke a powerful sorcerer from suspended animation and made Kent to become Doctor Fate, to fight off an evil sorcerer Wotan and the Lords of Chaos from world domination.

So if Warner Brothers is reading this. Please make this movie possible. And hopefully get 100% on Rotten Tomato .