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                                             Harry Potter MMORPG

Dear Warner Bros Entertainment, JK Rowling and Portkey Games

Greetings! I write to you with a dream, a vision and nevertheless the future. Not only my dream, no. The Harry Potter fanbase, family and community. We all strive for the main goal, a game that connects and unites fans all over the world. This mail contains not only a petition for a Harry Potter MMORPG game to be created but also a plea for innovation and unity. For many years now, many Harry Potter fans have wanted a Harry Potter MMORPG on PC. Many people have wanted to experience Hogwarts themselves, and create magical friendships, take classes and fight evil while exploring the magical world. The magical feeling of receiving your Hogwarts letter and stepping into an immersive online world, with many others, would be truly magical.  It’s also about community, the community in a Harry Potter MMORPG, would be very magical, especially with the bonds you could create, exploring Hogwarts and the magical world with your friends, taking lessons together, fighting off evil together and solving mysteries, maybe even have detention haha, even getting sorted for the first time into your house. There is so much which could be done with a Harry Potter MMORPG.

From receiving your letter to going to diagonally, and of course going to Hogwarts, which you’ll go from year 1 to year 7, then graduating, there could be so much story to be told throughout the base game, for example being based after the Deathly Hallows (Books). You could then go onto have expansions which would add new content, features, story etc. This could be a similar layout to World of Warcraft  Expansions (MMORPG) There is so much story to be told in the Wizarding world. In the Harry Potter MMORPG there would be no need for classes, as Classes don’t relate to Harry Potter, however, as you're either a Wizard or a Witch, you could have a well worked out talent tree, where you can unlock talents (spells) as you level up and learn from classes.

Key needs:

Genre: Massive Multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG)

Mode: Multiplayer

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Server/Realm Types: Normal,PvP,RP,RP-PvP

Common Features of an MMORPG:

  • Progression
  • Social interaction
  • Roleplay
  • Culture
  • System architecture

Key IG Content/Features:

  • Questing
  • PVP
  • Dungeons
  • Raids
  • Achievements 
  • Quidditch 
  • Story/Lore (A lot of story and lore, you could build from)
  • Professions (e.g Alchemy)
  • Mounts
  • Pets
  • Mail system (Can use owls)
  • Guilds (Could be called Clubs or society)


Similar MMORPG:

World of Warcraft (Blizzard Entertainment)
Star Wars: The Old Republic (Bioware)
Guild Wars 2 (ArenaNet)

Help by signing my Petition

Did you not receive your Hogwarts acceptance letter when you turned 11 years old? If not, you should sign this petition, so you can act out your dream of attending Hogwarts and live in the wizarding world of Harry Potter.


A Harry Potter MMORPG has a huge potential, especially money wise.  Investing in a Harry Potter MMORPG, would be a very wise move, over the years, millions of fans have wished they had received their letter to Hogwarts, With this Harry Potter MMORPG, you’d attract millions of players, then if you had the game with a subscription-based payment method you would expect to earn millions.


As Harry Potter fanatics, Let’s do our best to create something so very magical, Thank You very much for reading this. And if you have decided to spend the time to read and sign this petition here is another huge thank you!

You’re sincerely,

Leon Kershaw & the Harry Potter community.