Sell Batwoman’s UK broadcast rights to Sky

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Sam Regan
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Sky broadcasts Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. This is the Arrowverse, an interconnected multiverse of series that frequently cross over with each other. Last year, a new series joined the Arrowverse: Batwoman. Batwoman is an integral part of the Arrowverse with one of its episodes being part of this year’s crossover event, Crisis on Infinite Earths and presumably every other crossover event for years to come. Unfortunately, E4 purchased Batwoman’s UK broadcast rights before Sky could get their hands on them. This would be all well and good if E4 were to collaborate with Sky to collectively release episodes in the correct order but that seems unlikely. While Sky has already released most of Arrow season 8 and almost half of The Flash season 6 and Supergirl season 5, E4 hasn’t even begun to release Batwoman’s first season, which is meant to be released concurrently. This makes Sky look bad because they can’t show crossovers in full anymore and it makes E4 look bad by causing this mess. It would mean so much to me and every other UK-based Arrowverse fan if you would help us show Nick Lee, Channel 4’s acquired series manager, that this omnishambles just won’t do.