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Fire WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara to save the DCEU.

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WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara is ruining millions of fans' dream. He is the one responsible for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was over-edited, and for its shorter runtime than it should've been. He ordered the reshoots for Suicide Squad, and overly edited the movie as well, making it a mess, despite of its monumental potential. He tried to have the "No Man's Land" scene cut from Wonder Woman. Patty Jankins thankfully refused. He mandated the Justice League reshoots, the less then 2 hours runtime, and had the movie badly edited. If these movies were released with their originals versions, they would've been way more succesful. WB is trying to make money. DC fans are the source of money. What kind of logic makes him ruin the experience for the source of money, every single time. Kevin makes the most foolish decisions, ruining dreams. Stop trying to please the critics. Stop trying to be like Marvel. You can find what fans want, under every single DC related posts. And why please the fans with making what they want? Because they're the source of money. DC Has monumental potential with a lot of fans. Mr. Kevin Tsujihara, if you hire someone to do a job, let them do it. Don't second guess everything they do.

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