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Equality in Film: An Actor In A Wheelchair Lead In Feature

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As a 17 year old girl currently living in Sydney, Australia I like many 17 year olds enjoy many films and/or TV shows. The thing about me that separates me from most teenagers and if we're frank human beings, really  is I'm in a wheelchair with Cerebral Palsy. I've grown up not seeing people like me on screen which sends a subtle message that we as people with disabilities are not regarded as equal in our communities. The few roles I have seen across various media are portrayed by talented actors, this is true but they are able-bodied, able to shed their character's life as soon as a director culls CUT!

Did you know that 16% of all Best Actor & Actress Oscar Winners won because they portrayed someone with a disability? There's a saying that disability is a shoe in for an Oscar.  but the reality of disability is not award-winning. Look, I get that some stories would be impractical if told with an actor who was disabled. 

But I feel there is room (or it should be made) for a feature length film where the lead actor is in a wheelchair for example in order to show audiences particularly young people what the reality of disability is like but also that people with disabilities are so much more than their disability. 

People will and have raised the argument that an actor needs to be found but to save that being an excuse for not creating some desperately needed social change in these highly divisive times, I could do it. After all, it is my vision and hope - a part that i could fulfil well. Besides, I've already been preparing through method for the past 17 years!



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