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DC Films to Become a Subsidiary of Warner Brothers Films (similar to Marvel Studios)

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As fans of the DC universe and the change in movie styles due to Marvel Studios shared universe model, fans have craved a similar model with the DC universe. In 2013, WB launched this universe with Man of Steel with mixed response. In hopes of accelerating this universe, WB then created Batman v Superman (2016) followed by Justice League (2017), both of which were poorly received.

It is clear from the production of both movies that Warner Brother executives interfered in the production and integrity of these movies, compromising the original vision of these movies and forcing them to be rushed through rather than rightfully establishing them. It is also clear that Warner Brothers lacked the insight to steer these movies to a more coherent or feasible version from some of its directors, allowing for the budget of these movies to swell to $250 million dollars or more rather than restricting it to something more appropriate. With the poor critical and commercial performance with Justice League, decisive action must be taken.

We implore fans of these beloved characters, the general public, the media, and Warner Brothers to allow for the dream many of us have longed to be properly realized. This can only be done through change, and that change is to have DC Films become it's own subsidiary film division under Warner Brothers Studios, similar to the way Marvel Studios is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. 

The ultimate goal is for DC films to operate creatively and with a clear, coherent and authentic vision, and to be free from inappropriate and detrimental executive interference. By becoming their own subsidiary, these movies can follow their individual goals to become truly wonderful movies without compromising their integrity, while also being connected to a shared universe managed by competent and knowledgeable producers.

These movies require a producer and president(s) that will guide this ship to its destination, and luckily we have them in the form of Geoff Johns and Jon Berg. Similar to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, we would like that the DC universe to be produced by Johns and Berg and managed with the same love and care that fans have while also providing the knowledge and expertise for this expansive comic book world.

I ask anyone reading to sign this petition, and for just one moment imagine what a series of movies containing Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and countless others characters would look like with this model. It is said that when we are at our lowest point, we are upon to the greatest change; we are currently at that point, and we must make that change.

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