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Crowd Fund Justice League Snyder Cut - #JusticeforJusticeLeague

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We, the undersigned, request Warner Brothers and DC Films to allow the unfinished vision of director Zack Snyder to be crowd funded since Warner Brother Executives don't want to spend any more money to release the Zack Snyder Cut of Justice League. Everyday a new info, video, production image is being leaked and viewed many times which shows a much better movie was in the works before the behind closed door decisions were made to remove Zack Snyder and release a sub par product world wide. We the fans, who have signed promise to donate as much as we can to help meet the budget requirements to finish Zack Snyder's vision. These movies are made for the fans. Business or not, it is the fans who keep these intellectual properties alive with our passion so it is only fair that you allow us, the fans, to decide whether or not the Snyder Cut is worth our money to be released. This should give enough monetary incentive for Warner Brothers to consider giving the fans what they want. Warner Brothers are paving the way of the future of your up coming DC Films that just might become boycotted by fans leading to an eventual decline in ticket sales and revenues. 


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