Changes we would like to see from the DC Legends Mobile development team.

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I'm creating this petition to bring attention to some issues regarding the app game, DC Legends mobile. Recently a change to a popular monthly event has caused the community to boil over, bringing many festering issues to a head. A huge number of complaints dominate the official forums, Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter (I have attached a few examples, there are countless more where this came from. ) The community largely feels these complaints have fallen on deaf ears, as they are rarely, if ever, are acknowledged. The Monday work day is about over, at the this time of writing, and not a word from anyone regarding the weekend of complaints.

Many of us want to see this game succeed. I would normally just move on from a game that has frustrated me so, but am currently battling cancer and this game has been a much-needed outlet for lots of time waiting in doctor’s offices and in airports (I have to fly out of state every other week for a clinical trial I am in.) Not to mention I have invested too much money on this game over its brief history, more so than any other game I have ever played. I’m also a huge DC fan, buy all the comics, etc.

The crux of the complaints fall into four categories: Communication, Cost, Cheating, and Balance.

Communication: This one is probably #1 by a long shot for most. We rarely know what is upcoming, what is changing, or if they are even looking into any of the issues that are continually brought up. There is only one Community Manager that is shared among a multitude of games, and a monthly podcast that is released a few days before the new month, primarily talking about the new characters, and rarely mentioning any issues. The monthly event that caused the most recent uproar had significant changes. These changes made it harder for most to participate, it cost more to participate, and the rewards were significantly reduced. New characters from the previous month that have always been available to participate in the event, we were notified less than one week prior that this month would not allow them, which makes it nearly impossible to obtain the required characters in time. In an event that requires four characters, three of the seven permitted are unattainable at this time. Even long time players who have spent heavily on this game are struggling to get further than half way through the event due to the character restrictions. It would have been financially beneficial for DC Legends to give more notice so we could have worked on ranking up the required characters.

The previous month’s event was universally praised by the community, as they increased the amount of rewards for participating, and added more accessibility for newer players through a longer event. Then, this month, went completely the opposite direction. If the developers felt it was too rewarding, they could have communicated when last month’s event went live that it was a one-time reward to the community and would not be the same the following month. We would have likely praised them for their generosity instead of being severely disappointed the following month. There is so little consistency and no communication to manage expectations.

Cost:  This is probably the most common complaint out there. This game has a price point that is likely higher than almost any other app game out there, even compared to other Warner Brothers mobile games. The cost to unlock a new character, and be usable, is roughly $100 for a single character. That is before upgrades to gear and experience, which is roughly another $100 to worth using. With 57 characters in the game, the costs to have a diverse roster is staggering. That does not include the cost to participate in events such as PVP, etc. Compare this to your Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition, which gives 38 usable characters for only $100.

I understand that mobile games have a different price point, but many of the “sales” are catered to large scale purchases, and often leave you with buyer’s remorse. There are many sales that allow you to make a $50-$100 purchase for a variable reward and appear to be heavily weighted towards getting the smallest prize, or most common reward. Also, what we see too often, is a very expensive sale for a rarer character, then a few days after people have spent large sums money, that character is available through an event at a much cheaper price. Leaving the buyer upset and feeling cheated.

Cheating: During one of the developer’s podcasts, they brought this up; one of the rare instances where we had communication about a problem in the game and they stated it was being looked in to. That was several months ago, and unfortunately, we still see the same cheating teams in the Top 100 PVP rankings. Many of these teams the community can say with 100% certainty are cheating, as they have teams that are able to win matches that are impossible to achieve. Many of us have reported these players for months but they are still there.

Game Balance: The developers have brought up they are looking to making matches last longer, but that has been a long time coming. There are a handful of characters, one in particular, that has dominated the game since its release, mainly due to a bug that allows the character to attack way more frequently than should be allowed, yet no mention of this, and no fix has happened over six months. A huge amount of the 57 characters on the roster are unusable due to the handful being so much more powerful. Quite a few character powers are bugged and have been that way since the game’s release.

Based on app analytics; this game appears to be making a significant amount of money, so it is surprising to many of us that there is such poor communication, and slow responses to issues, bugs, and complaints. DC/Warner Brothers has a strong, well respected brand, so I think it is only fair to hold this product to a high standard.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and consider these matters.

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