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A Continuation to the Original Teen Titans

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To begin with, I believe solely on the original cartoons. The cartoons I grew up with during my Childhood. 11 years have passed without the original "Teen Titans" and all there is on television to watch is "Teen Titans Go!" and other shows that I dislike in my opinion because they don't have those elements that bring interest in the audience. What do I mean by elements? I mean, the way the show is presented, for example; "Teen Titans Go!" Took the character's appearances and altered them in a more digital way. Meanwhile, in the original show, the characters looked realistic and more appealing to the eye. I personally think as a viewer, that they've ruined something that became a part of me and that I still re-watch because I was left with unanswered questions and despair. They were role models and still are for those children who are curious to know what our childhood was like. The show was impactful to the viewers in a sense that it was interesting how 5 characters each had their own powers to protect their civilization and keep criminals off the street. It projected positive behaviors and taught children that bad habits and bad behavior lead to consequences based on your decisions because in the end actions speak louder than words. Children of this generation enjoy "Teen Titans Go!" because they weren't exposed to the original and don't understand the concept behind the context presented. The content changed drastically by making the characters look more digital like. The original heroes are what I would love to see come back, yet still young and cool. was devasted when I saw the preview for "Teen Titans Go!" since I was expecting more content, maybe a Season 6 to "Teen Titans". It would be nice to see a continuation, the story and have it unravel right after "Things Change". Why end the show when there is still more to the story than one thinks there is. I still have unanswered questions and I'm sure the public does too about Terra, Red X, Slade and the monster that appeared in the episode "Things Change". I truly believe there is more to add on and I hope what I said can be taken into consideration because in doing so, seeing this show back on Cartoon Network will benefit due to the views and ratings, but most importantly it will bring relief, joy and entertainment to the public.

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