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Roberto Mata
Puerto Rico, PR, Puerto Rico

Mar 28, 2018 — Since we launched our fundraiser 4 weeks ago, we've raised $540 from 32 contributors. Please help us get to our $4,000 goal.
Hi, I made the petition requesting Warner Bros. Pictures, to release the Director’s Cut of Justice League with Junkie XL’s Score on Home Media, I wrote the petition before the film was released in theaters, because I felt that something wasn’t right about the entire situation regarding Joss Whedon’s involvement, the replacement of Junkie Xl with Danny Elfman, and Warner Bros. decision to mandate a 2 hour runtime, for a film that dealt with the completion of a story arc, that began in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, at the time of the release of Justice League, my excitement and expectations to watch the film was close to none, as the driving artistic visionary had left the film, due to heartbreaking and understandable reasons, and once I heard the track list for the Score, whatever was left of hope to watch the end of Superman’s journey was gone, then the day of the release arrived, I decided to give the film a shot, and that’s when I saw that the film started with a cellphone video, which showed a Henry Cavill with an almost unrecognizable face, my girlfriend turn to me and asked if studio had replaced the actor, I jokingly said to her that Cavill was disfigured in an accident filming Mission: Impossible 6, as the truth was far more ridiculous, and after that, my mind left the film, as I heard the incredible “Is She with You?” soundtrack being turn apart to pieces by Danny Elfman and his circus-type of scoring, the only thing left in that scene was to add Bugs Bunny saying: “That’s all folks”, then Martha Kent told Lois Lane that she was a thirsty woman, which my girlfriend turn to me again, to ask me if the writer was the same one who wrote Batman v Superman, I said yes and no, because the film was rewritten by Joss Whedon, and what Chris Terrio wrote was left in the cutting room floor, then the film saw The Flash falling on top of Diana’s breasts and him talking awkwardly about brunch, Batman saying: “Something is definitely bleeding”, which made me think of Ant-Man and his need for orange slices, you have to know that one of the most interesting parts of Batman’s personality is that he doesn’t share his emotions or feelings with anyone, that even Talia Al Ghul, member of the League of Assassins, daughter of the Demon’s head and future mother to Bruce’s son, Damian Wayne, has a hard time with, but that’s not all, Superman was resurrected and he suddenly turned into a cheesy character: (Lois Lane: ”How does being dead feel like?”, Superman: “Itchy”)”, and then he turned into Christopher Reeve wannabe: “But I’m also a big fan of Justice”, “I like being alive”, “I regret that, I want to die”, the only thing left to add was him winking at the camera and saying: “Hi, you wanted Christopher Reeve’s Superman back?, here I am!!”, and that’s when I decided to post the petition on

I've always been a DC fan, I collected comic books, films, both animated and live action, and after school, I used to watch Justice League: the Animated Series and Teen Titans in Cartoon Network, and always found myself feeling like there was some relatable qualities between Batman's story arc and my own, where The Dark Knight is a crime-fighter, looking to maintain Justice within the walls of his city, Bruce Wayne was the mask that covered the darkness inside a man, who has both everything and nothing at the same time, on one hand he can buy the most expensive cars, gadgets and go out with the most beautiful of women, while on the other there is no sense of family or love, and although his trustworthy butler represents a father-figure for him, and Talia Al Ghul his almost forbidden love, is not enough for the caped crusader to maintain a sense of humanity, and that's where Superman and the rest of the Justice League come in, they are his family, and although he doesn't share his feelings with them, he feel at home with them, not because of their common villains, but because they all share stories, that for readers and viewers are relatable, that range from Batman losing his parents to a mugging, Superman not being able to save his father from a heart attack, Flash struggling with the fact, that he can save his mother, but he would've have to sacrifice the lives that he saved, as time is his worst enemy, or how Aquaman was left behind by his mother at a young age, or how Wonder Woman struggles with the true nature of her estranged father, all while Cyborg has to live with the fact of not being able to live a normal life, due to his robotic body, of course this are just a few examples of a few of DC's most iconic heroes, but that doesn't end there as one filmmaker had the audacity to take the once thought to be an impossible job of making Superman human, and that artist was Zack Snyder.

Christopher Nolan had daunting task of making Batman interesting again, after Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin left a bad taste memory for the fans, I was merely 4 years old when that movie came out, and I liked it for what it was, it was movie made for children, to sell toys. Christopher Nolan brought Batman back to its roots, the dark and brooding character we are love from the comics, the difference was how the genius filmmaker approached the character, he put The Dark Knight in a real world environment, where the vigilante’s actions to protect his beloved City of Gotham from criminals, created his most iconic villains, The Joker shared Batman’s use of theatricality, and where Batman was a symbol of Justice, the Clown Prince of Crime was a symbol of chaos and the true colors of a crime ridden city. Nolan’s approach made the caped crusader, into what we have read in the comics: Bruce Wayne is the mask and Batman is his true self, here we saw a man living with the pain of watching his parents die, a man with one goal to rid his city of crime, the trilogy explored fear, anarchy and pain, and everyone thought, that there was nothing left to be explored, but they were wrong, as Zack Snyder brought the most comic book accurate take on The Dark Knight, we have ever seen.

The fundraiser money will go to a documentary on Zack Snyder’s Justice League Director’s Cut, the search for the truth on what really happened and whether or not the film will ever be released bis ongoing and maybe a documentary about it, might help the cause I started with the petition.



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