Warner Bros and DC Films. We want a Batman movie in DCEU with Ben Affleck

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This petition is aimed to show Warner Bros that Matt Reeves's Batman Movie MUST be a part of DCEU. These days there are a lot of rumors in social media that the upcoming movie about the Dark Knight is gonna be independent. Most fans are strongly against this for many reasons:

 Firstly, we already have seen a lot of movies about a Batman before DCEU. Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck gave us a wonderful Bruce Wayne, everyone loves him and want to see further in future film among other DC characters.

Secondly, Matt Reeves is an incredible director, which created some great movies such as Cloverfield and Planet of the Apes. That is why Matt is able to understand old Bruce's character and make an interesting story about Gotham's Knight.
Ben Affleck is amazing Batman. Despite some criticism towards him, he was awesome in BvS, he could show the internal world and emotions of this character, therefore he is a Batman which we want to see further.

We want to enjoy the duet of Reeves and Affleck in DCEU. Another one standalone Batman Movie is not interesting for anyone. We'v seen versions of Burton, Schumacher and Nolan. However, we'v never seen Batman with other heroes like Superman, Flash and Green Lantern. We encourage you to share this petition. We must show Warners that we care and we want to see Batman only in DCEU!

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