For Aaron Harrison to portray Flashpoint Batman in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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I think my friend Aaron Harrison would make a great addition to the already insane cast lined up for Crisis on Infinite Earths upcoming Epic 5-hour Crossover on The CW to Portray The Live Action Version of Flashpoint Batman/Thomas Wayne.

For those of you who don't know Aaron is not only an actor but he has also built a ton of props and outfits for Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and even past Crossovers, such as The Green Arrows Quivers, or Dark Arrow's, Deathstrokes Suit, Vigilante and Chronos in Legends of Tomorrow.

He even builds his own suits for fun and to cosplay like Flashpoint Batman the Attention to Detail of this suit is so amazing it is like someone peeled it right from the Comic Book! 

So if you are huge comic book (nerd) fan like me and want to see this character brought home to your televison,and streaming devices etc. Why not choose the man who built his own Batman Suit from scratch and has such badass history with the Arrowverse? So come on people lets sign this petition and make this mans dream come true and bring one of the coolest versions of batman ever created to life and give (US) the fans what they want! We have have only until October to make this happen as this is when Production Begins on The Best 5 Hours of Television you are ever going to see!