The Dark Knight Worldwide Release Again for 10th Anniversary.

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To the Warner Bros.

We, the undersigned, petition to Warner Bros. Re-release The Dark Knight for Its 10th Anniversary in Every Part of the World Rather Than In Only Parts of North America.


The Dark Knight Is Going to Celebrate 10 Years this 2018, It was first released in July 2008. Christopher Nolan directed, co-wrote, and co-produced this Blockbuster.It is the second part of Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy, following 2005's Batman Begins.

The 2008's Worldwide Blockbuster earned Legendary Actor, Heath Ledger for a posthumous Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.Nolan's Work Was critically acclaimed  Reinventing a Comic Book Movie in a realistic, gritty and grounded manner, Christian Bale was constantly praised for his portrayal of Bruce Wayne and the Mighty Caped Crusader.This movie Showed what could well be the definitive take on how Batman and Joker were meant to be.

It Was Considered As One of the Best Superhero film Ever, Set numerous records during its theatrical Run.

My True Intention Is,

Sadly Many Of the Blockbusters Which Completed 10 Year, 20 Year Anniversaries In Recent Years Haven't Seen a Widest Release (Ex : Titanic, Many Of Us Wanted a Release In Beloved Theatres Near Us after Seeing Newslines that It is Making Way Again Into Theatres for 20th Anniversary, But Sadly Never Made Its Way to Most Parts of the World.)


As explained above, we, the undersigned, recommend that Warner Bros.We request that Warner Bros. Re Release the Movie to pander to the widest Fans who Haven't Seen Before in Theatre During Its Initial Release But became a Fan of The DC Comics in the following years.

Many Of The People are Expecting a Worldwide Re Release Along with Theatres Near them In Every Part of World.

We implore Warner Bros to Commemorate 10 Years by Bringing Our Beloved Comic Book Classic Bringing Back to Theatres after it Completes its 10th Anniversary.