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Remove Geoff Johnes and bring Zack Snyder back to DC!

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There was a time above... a time before... there were perfect things... diamond absolutes. But things fall... things on earth. And what falls... is fallen. In the dream, it took me to the light. A beautiful lie.

This penetrating opening film "Batman v Superman" quotes the best description of the current situation around DC Extended Universe. It all started in 2013, with the release of the "Man of Steel" screens, which broke the beginning of this wonderful cinematic universe. It was an excellent, exciting and serious kinomiks, the correct film about Superman in XXI century. And this was the film of Zack Snyder, who gave us before this masterpiece of relative "300" and "The Watchmen". Then, as early as 2016, the epoch-making "Batman v Superman" came out, I'm not afraid of that word; the output of this film is comparable to the explosion of a nuclear bomb. So much hatred has been shed on this film, how many have not poured out ever, the controversy surrounding the film has not abated until now. But whatever it is, it is worth acknowledging that this is an extraordinary, bold, stunningly atmospheric and powerful film, not just another superhero movie, but something more. It was a real creative victory, which will be remembered and discussed for a long time. But alas, the critics did not like the dark atmosphere and deep plot, little action and humor. The film earned a lot of money, but not as much as it would be desirable.

Here I want to make a small digression. We live at a time when the author's cinema, no matter what genre, departs to the background, and the mainstream goes to the first. And the mainstream in our time is an abundance of thoughtless action and jokes. The driving force of mainstream cinema, of course, are Marvel Studios, everything described above lead them into fashion. I do not want to offend anyone, those who like this kind of direction. I do not argue, and such a movie is needed. As well as need dark and serious films.

Not having earned as much as counted, Warner Bros frightened. They decided that the problem lies precisely in the gloom, and in fear began to repair what was not broken. As a result, we have the "League of Justice" - a film that was supposed to be an epoch-making event in the genre of comicbook movies. But in the end it became an ordinary soulless blockbuster. This is not DC. And it's not Zack Snyder, no matter how the studio tried to convince the public of the opposite.

The problem lies in one person who does not understand the essence of the characters of DC, and believes that the movie should be bright and filled with humor. His name is Geoff Johnes. Yes, yes, the very one who gave us a lot of excellent comics DC. After the "League" I was disappointed in him. I did not expect that he could displace Zack Snyder, who created DCEU and gave it an original look. "Justice League" is not Snyder's film. More precisely, only in places, for the most part it is a copy of Marvel Studios. I did not expect such a film about my favorite heroes from my childhood. And this is the fault of Johnes, who almost in every interview insists on "optimism." Do not think, I do not think that the whole DC should be gloomy, on the contrary, I consider the "Suicide Squad" (Extended Cut) and "Wonder Woman" to be great films, and I really love Richard Donner's "Superman". But those films with their own style, they did not go to jokes for the sake of jokes.

Johnes took power from Snyder, and initiated the reshuffling of the "League", perhaps not once. And then he removed Zack, and called Joss Whedon, the director of Marvel's "The Avengers". The result is on the face: the characters joke every 5 minutes, the plot is simple as a stick, the villain is empty, and there is no gloom and even seriousness, and there is not even "optimism", but there is clownery. Even Batman often jokes, damn it! I'm not talking about the fact that the film is criminally short, and the re-shooting of the film catches the eye because of the raw CGI and Superman's mustache. And I feel that this is only the beginning, the beginning of the end of DCEU.

Fans of DC! Let's try to return the father of DCEU and remove the usurper! Let's try to reach WB and show them that the Marvel path is wrong for DC, DC must be DC, and no one else!

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