Release the Unreleased Deleted Scenes from the Harry Potter Movies

Release the Unreleased Deleted Scenes from the Harry Potter Movies

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Patrick J. McKenna started this petition to Warner Bros.

The Harry Potter films are among the top grossing movie franchises of all time. Now that the (main) series has been completed, Warner Bros continues to find new ways to keep the magic of the films alive by releasing various products related to the property.  

The release of the movies’ many unreleased deleted scenes could supply Warner Bros. with many financial and creative benefits. The scenes could offer a new perspective on the films, as their content could dive deeper into subjects that were only briefly touched upon. They can even be released digitally through Warner Bros’ online store among many other virtual outlets, thus defeating the need for packaging manufactures, and the time and money that comes with them.

If anyone reading this would like to see the many scenes not previously shown for the movies, then please sign and share this petition. If interested, a complete list of the deleted scenes can be found here:

List of Unreleased Harry Potter Deleted Scenes:


*Hermione: “He’s rather disagreeable, isn’t he?” (Some TV spots).

*Dumbledore: “And most importantly of all” (TV Spot)

*Dumbledore: “No magic is to be used between the classes in the corridors” (Theatrical trailer).

*Hogwarts school song (pic)

*The Peeves scene

*Extended Trevor scene with Percy (a forum)

*Ron dialogue outside bathroom about Fred’s socks (BTS B roll)

*Dumbledore Woolen socks dialogue (BTS B Roll)

*Extended Flamel dialogue (BTS B Roll)

*Harry & Ron looking at House Point Hourglasses (Magazine Scan).


*(Unconfirmed) Death Day Party Scene (Potter Vanilla Forums user interview with Simon Fisher Becker)

*Alternate Polyjuice potion discussion in Common Room (BTS, a pic of Hermione found in the initial DVD). Note: Exact same dialogue as what’s in the movie except in a different location.

*Harry line about the crowing of the rooster (BTS on the Home Media devices) 

*Extended shot of Chamber of Secrets Slide (TV Spot)


*Vampire Bikini Boggart moment (Interview with Jamie Waylett and possible confirmed casting of the role).

*Sirius Black Attack (interview with Chris Rankin)

*Trio arguing on slope (BTS and pics)

*Ron & Hermione hug (interview with Robbie Coltrane)


*Weasley’s waking up to Death Eater attack (report)

*The Roberts family getting tortured (pic)

*Krum eating next to a smirking Malfoy (pic)

*Harry & Hermione talking in DADA (pic)

*Moody entering class room (International trailer)

*Moody’s “Constant vigilance” (seen in Reflections on the Fourth film on the Home Media devices).

*Gryffindor boys looking at something (pics)

*Neville, Hermione, Ron looking at something (BTS/pic)

*(Unconfirmed) Herbology & Divination scenes (a report)

*(Unconfirmed) Weighing of the Wands scene (a report indicated that John Hurt would reprise his role, plus a fan said that they saw him at Levesden when the movie was being filmed).

*Krum holding up Egg (rare pic)

*Krum Hermione kiss (interview)

*Harry looking at Egg in dormitory (pic)

*Extended Gryffindor dance practice (magazine scan)

*Krum’s dive (seen in the Meet the Champions featurette on the Home Media devices)

*Hermione comforting Harry after asking Cho (pic)

*Cedric and Cho in Courtyard (pic)

*Harry entering Bathroom with Egg & Map (pic)

*Moody and Rita Skeeter talking during Second Task (photo in Harry Potter The Complete Cinematic Journey Book).

*(Unconfirmed) Sirius Black in Hogsmeade (stated on the Harry Potter wiki).

*Avery getting tortured (confirmed through an unidentified source, plus it seems to be true per the set up of the Death Eaters after Voldemort unmasks some of them. Some moments appear to be missing)

*Priori Incantatem explanation on Battlements (pics)

*Hermione leaning on Harry’s shoulder during Cedric’s funeral (pic)

*Waterfall alternate ending (included in some calendar images among many other photos. Was also featured in the video game).



*Alternate Snowy opening (a report)

*Extended Dudley puking (pic)

*More Dursley footage (test screening)

*Funny Moody broom moments (test screening)

*Subplot of Ron & Hermione being prefects. There was supposed to be a scene of them getting their badges at Grimmulad place, plus a scene on the Hogwarts Express where Ginny comes in and tells them they have to go to their own compartment (a set report on the Weasley Network site by a fan with connections)

*A scene with Peeves (test screening report on Harry Potter Fan Zone)

*Harry & Hermione in potions (pic)

*Trio in common room (pic)

*Lucius Malfoy in Mansion with dogs (pic)

*Ron supporting Harry (trailer)

*House elf heads in RoR (test screening)

*Alternate Snape telling Harry of Occulmency (a fan with connection’s report)

*(Unconfirmed) Knight bus (set pic of it in a field)

*Astronomy Exam (test screening)

*Hagrid & McGonagall getting attacked by stunners (BTS photos)

*Hagrid introducing class to Theatrals (report)

*Thestral stables (BTS pic)

*Dumbledore: “I wonder how you’ll catch me” (test screening)

*DA disbanded in Common Room (pic)

*Extended Snape’s Worst memory (pic & test screening)

* Sirius & Lupin discussing James with Harry (forum)

*Wesley swamp (forum)

* Luna, Ginny & Neville standing guard at Umbridge’s office (forum)

*Harry in DoM (pic)

*DA in Ministry atrium (pic)

*Circular room in MoM (test screening)

*Bellatrix mask and more lines (test screening)

* Death Eater levitating Hermione & getting caught by Ron (forum)

*Ginny: “This isn’t like school” (forum)

*The Brains (interview with Mathew Lewis)

*Lupin and Shacklebolt battle footage (pics)

* Sirius leaning next to Harry during battle (pic)

*Full Bellatrix/Sirius duel (BTS and a bit is seen in the teaser trailer)

*Voldemort wearing mask in duel (test screening)

*Dumbledore: “Don’t fight him Harry, you can’t win, not on his terms” (TV spots)

* More dialogue between Dumbledore & Voldemort (forum) 

*Order witnessing Harry’s possession (pic)

*Lily talking to Harry during possession (forum, it was in a script bit released)

*Harry skipping stones mourning Sirius (report and pics)

*Lucius Malfoy in Azkaban (pic)

*Slytherins sulking about their dads in Azkaban (pics)

*McGonagall recovering in wheelchair (pic)

*Harry shouting & throwing in Dumbledore’s office (test screening)

*(Unconfirmed) Nearly Headless Nick return (unidentified source)

*Harry receiving Mirror from Sirius (report)


·      Fred & George threatening customer (BTS)

·      Portrait of Young Lily in Slughorn’s photos (interview with Susie shiner)

·      Luke Chapman as young slughorn (his casting o nthe wiki)

·      A cut character named Laurisa (rumoured on the wiki)

·      Trio in Knocturn Alley (pic)

·      Tattoo Man in Knocturn Alley (seen in the Make Up with Emma Watson featurette on the Home Media Devices)

·      (Unconfirmed) Slughorn standing up in Great Hall

·      Harry playing piano in Slughorn’s office (rare pic)

·      Wool’s Orphanage Boys dormitory (BTS pic)

·      Deleted Quidditch scenes (various castings and photos of the other Quidditch players)

·      (Unconfirmed) Trio encounter Hagrid on way to 3 Broomsticks

·      Hermione helping Neville at Slug Club (pic)

·      Slug club toasting (trailer)

·      Ron confronting McLaggen in Great Hall (pic)

·      (Unconfirmed) Irma Pince (a forum)

·      (Unconfirmed) Eleanor Columbus as Susan Bones (IMDB trivia)

·      Troll dancing tapestry (various film making books) 

·      Sanguini the Vampire talking to Luna (pic)

·      Greyback disarming Ginny (trailer)

·      Mr. Weasley: “Times like these, dark times … they can bring people together. OR they can tear them apart”” (trailer)

·      More of Toby Coburn as young Lucius

·      Nigel on toilet witnessing Harry/Malfoy duel (test screening  )

·      (Unconfirmed) Horcrux montage when Harry touches ring (the casting of Michael Brandt as an older Tom Riddle)

·      Dumbledore: “My life, I’ve seen things that are truly horrific. And I know you’ll see worse” (trailer)

·      *Dumbledore trying on ring (trailer, later used in DH2)

·      *Slughorn & Filch in courtyard (Calendar pic)

·      Snape: “It’s over” (trailer)

·      (Unconfirmed) Snape calling Harry a dimwit

·      Harry witnessing Hagrid’s hut on fire with Fang (BTS pic)

·      (Unconfirmed) Final Battle (some rumored reports)

·      Snape: “You may have your mother’s eyes but you are as dim as your father!” After he reveals he’s the Half-blood prince (  )

 The Movie ends with the trio plus Ginny on top of the Astronomy tower talking and Harry saying he is going alone to find the Horcruxes. Hermione says something like, yeah right, you think your going alone? We are coming too. (major paraphrasing there) Then Ginny not saying a word sadly just walks away and leaves. She actually does not speak during the entire scene. Nor is she spoken to. She just listens looking sadder and increasingly heartbroken (Scroll down to see comment by the User anmed sweetashin at this link:


·      (Unconfirmed) long shots of the lake, establishing a kind of funeral for Dumbledore (pics & videos)

·      Narcissa line at Malfoy Manor (BTS)

·      Harry’s loyalty speech upon arrival at the Burrow (BTS)

·      Krum & Hermione dance (BTS video, some pics)

·      Ron talking to Ginny at wedding (Calendar pic)

·      Lupin asking Harry to be Teddy godfather (pic)

·      Trio cowering behind something (BTS & pics)

·      Deleted shot of Ollivander (Trailer)

·      Death Eaters outside Grimmauld place (Early trailer on HBP Home Media)

·      Trio looking out at Death Eaters @ Grimmauld place (pic)

·      Harry discovering Lily’s letter (pic)

·      Hermione looking at the “Mudblood” on her arm (David Heyman interview, test screenings)

·      Extended Exodus (pics) 

·      More intense Scabior scenes (interviews with Nick Moran & David Heyman)

·      Added Cooling tower scene:

 What does the guy on the train tracks do? Does he kidnap Luna? he stops the train. other death eaters then flew in and took her.

Is Rita Skeeter in it much, and in what scenes in particular? Well, you don’t really see her. It’s more of a voice over when harry is reading a newspaper report at the Dursleys at the beguiling.

What does Snape do in the movie? Snape gives Voldemort information about the 7 potters, he was at Malfoy Manor for a few meetings, and he lets Voldemort into Hogwarts.

 On the trio get attacked by dementors while they are camping? yes, however harry uses Expecto Patronum, they go away, and the trio quickly pack up and move.

 A summary of the sequences from Xeno Lovegood’s house to Shell Cottage: They were trying to get out of the Lovegoods house, however death eaters saw them and they were chased into a forest. There was a bit of a fight however they were caught. They were taken to Malfoy Manor, thrown into a dungeon, we saw that Luna, Ollivander and Griphook were there, Wormtail them went to get Hermione out, Bellatrix started [Crucio’ing] her, scraping a knife down her face and using a whip on her. Dobby them showed up, took lLuna, Ollivander and Griphook with him, Wormail then came to get Ron, however Harry convinced him that he owed him, Wormtail went to kill himself when Dobby came back, Dobby threw a spell at him, he bounced back against the wall so he didn’t die. Harry, Ron and Dobby ran out, there was a big fight, saved Hermione, Bellatrix killed Dobby, but he had time to get back to Shell Cottage before he died so he saved them.

Do they show griphook get taken in the forest while they are camping? yes.

Well when Ron leaves, Hermione tries to convince him to stay, she cries, they dance at the wedding but thats really it. Only part about a piano that I remember was at Sirius’s house, Hermione sat at a old piano, Ron sat next to her and she just hit a few keys while Harry looked around.

 Good, so they included the Potterwatch scene? Yes

 What scenes do they show of Voldemort looking for the wand? Well in almost every scene he is in (there are like 6) he mentions it, but only in the last 2 Snape lets him into Hogwarts and he gets it. (The Snatcherman section here:


*Ron & Hermione scene at Shell cottage (forum)

*Death Eaters apprehending Griphook (trailer)

*Death Eater in Hogsmeade (trailer)

*Trio hiding from light in Hogsmeade (trailer)

* Extended Aberforth Dumbledore backstory (test screening)

* Percy entering Great Hall behind weasleys with Fred & George smirking (BTS)

* Snape & Bellatrix casting a big spell (test screening)

*Snatchers running in forest (trailer)

*Flitwick, Seamus battle footage (test screening)

* Dean protecting Battlements with Fred & George (forum)

*Neville, Luna fighting (forum)

*Fred death (interview)

*Bellatrix destroying forest (forum)

*Snape walking to Godric’s Hollow (trailer)

*Snape in front of Godric’s Hollow (trailer)

* Extended Voldemort speech (BTS)

*Voldemort & Harry: “Why do you live?” exchange (trailer)

*More scenes with the Malfoys & Bellatrix (interview with the actors)

*Alternate scenes of the battle with the malfoys staying (forum)

*Voldemort coming up to Percy’s face (interview with Chris Rankin)

*Draco tossing Harry wand (BTS)

*Duel with teachers and aurors (forum)

*Ginny witnessing Voldemort and Harry falling off cliff (forum)

* Harry revealing Snape’s alliance (test screening)

*Umbridge in Azkaban (test screening)

*Slughorn hugs Harry (forum)

*Harry hugs Neville (forum) 

*Scorpious shots in Epilogue (pics)

*Teddy Lupin in epilogue (report)

*Alternate King’s Cross ending with Station Guard (set photos, report of the scene being refilmed

* Harry, Ron and Hermione are for a while at the lake, and change of clothes (Hermione uses a towel so as not to see naked)

 The Order of the Phoenix comes through the Room of Requirement (there is the story of Percy)

 The Giants are there and step on people

 A battle in the forest was included, as well as spiders

 Confirmed the scenes showing the damage to the castle and the school grounds. We also see many scattered bodies and empoçados blood around the castle. Much bloodshed and destruction

 We see glimpses of Snape trying to repair with Magic, the dead hand of Dumbledore, discussion of the Horcruxes, the conversation at the top of the Astronomy Tower in its full version.

 Harry walks by destroyed places and says goodbye to Ron and Hermione. Before that, we see Hermione comforting Ron in the next stairs to the Great Hall. Hermione hugs Harry, while Ron just say goodbye.

 There have been many complaints about the first part of the film is too fast, while the middle and the end of the film were perfect. This means that producers can add a few scenes to maintain a solid pace.


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