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Harry Potter Open World RPG

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The recent release of the Harry Potter based mobile game "Hogwarts Mystery" got me all excited - and after trying it out pretty disappointed as well. I know many Harry Potter fans share my feelings. Even though the creators of this game surely worked hard on its creation, even though the overall design and idea are lovely, this still isn't what we imagined it to be like to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry ourselves. 

Even though we will never be able to really go to Hogwarts and study magic, there still is a solution: An open world role play game for PC and console! Obviously, this seems like a massive heap of work but I wouldn't suggest it if its realization would be a utopia. I did my research! 

We don't need to discuss technological and graphic possibilities - there have been developments of similar sizes in the past (e.g. The Elder Scrolls, The Witcher, ...) and combined with today's graphics the outcome of a Harry Potter open world RPG would be magical. 
So the next big question to answer is the following: Is the demand for such a game big enough? The answer is a simple one: Yes, definitely! You only have to browse the internet for it or read the comment sections of articles discussing "Hogwarts Mystery" and you will find hundreds of fans who'd throw their money at you to produce an HP game like this. And that's not strange: Harry Potter is - after all - one of the biggest fandoms on this planet and many fans call themselves gamers. Even those who aren't into gaming yet would consider getting the game (I mean, it's Harry Potter!). 

So, why do we even have to ask for a game like this? It should be in development already. Think about it: The fans aren't the only ones benefitting from this development - Warner Bros and game studios could make a ton of money out of it! 

But what exactly do we want? How do we define a Harry Potter open world role play game? Answering this isn't as easy as before but I will give you at least one quick answer before delving into the details: We do NOT want a Harry Potter ripoff. We know what happens in the books and movies and we already had Harry Potter games. What we want is much more complex and captivating: We want to experience Hogwarts and the wizarding world as if we were actually there and we want to develop our OWN story. 

Here are some suggestions for an HP RPG - some of them personal, but many by fans who spread their ideas in forums and HP fandom sites. Enjoy!

- design a character and choose their background (age: 11)
- go to Diagon Alley to buy your school supplies (you go there every year and can go there over the holidays)
- let the wand choose you before attending Hogwarts for the first time
- get an animal, if you want to 
- just roam around in Diagon Alley and buy stuff you need (or want)
- King's Cross, 9 3/4, walking around in the Hogwarts train and making friends, different activities in the train 
- The sorting (for example answering questions)
- Unique common rooms
- Explore castle
- Attend classes (depending on how well you perform you improve your skills in different magical areas)
- collect (or buy) supplies you need for different classes
- take different quests that will earn you skill, money, and supplies
- fly (flying class or Quidditch from the second year on) 
- school events (Quidditch, Duelling Club, ...)
- earn and lose House Points, get detention
- Collectibles (Chocolate Frog Cards, Books, special items, etc.)
- leave Hogwarts Grounds (can get you into detention depending on timing and if a teacher sees you)
- explore Hogwarts, find secret passageways, find hidden spells and "treasures" 
- Holidays: Leave the castle and roam wizarding world (different places, for example, Diagon Alley, Ministry for Magic, etc.) 
- you grades depend on your skill level (skill level determines if you're able to pass exams -> you have to do quest like tasks) 
- Depending on what classes you graduated with and how well you did in your exams, you can choose a career (some of them with aptitude tests)
- you can pause the game to explore the castle or go on playing at your new job (having a job unlocks new quests suitable for your career and skillset) 


These are, obviously, just suggestions. There are many more ideas out there and a lot of things that would need to be developed further. Another idea would be to add an online multiplayer option, where you can run around Hogwarts and other places and also meet people who do the same thing. You could duel them, share Chocolate Frog Cards and do so much more. 

Do you want this game to become a reality, too? Please support this petition and make it a possibility. 

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