Green Lantern Corps Movie

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The Aquaman movie gave me hope.

We've never had a good Green Lantern movie, and that makes a lot of people think he's a bad character.

But Hal Jordan and the Troop can be well adapted into a great movie! It can have stunning space scenes, with some great landscapes, and also have a style of police movie.

In addition, the film can have action scenes and striking fights, because anything can happen, depends only on the director's creativity.

They promised this movie and they did not give us any information about it.

If they learned something from the Aquaman movie, we could have this great movie soon!

I mean, i know there's a lot of projects of movies that Warner is working on, (like "The Batman", we also want to see it) but we need to let they know that we want to see Green Lantern Corps in the Silver Screen!