For Amber Heard to continue on Aquaman 2

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We do not know, what really happened between Amber Heard and Jonny Depp, testimonies of the two report domestic aggressive.

The website Page Six reports that Depp's former legal team accidentally shared 70.000 text messages,one of them stands out. He wrote in November 2013: “We are going to burn Amber, we are going to drown her before we burn her. Then f * ck her burnt corpse to make sure she is dead.”,for friend and actor Paul Bettany.

I'm not on anyone's side, domestic fights happen. It could be Amber who was wrong, or Jonny. But that’s no reason to want to end your career, taking her from the role of the next film Aquaman 2, it will disappoint many people, she is very talented and skilled in her work which is acting, milions of people llove and admire her as Mera.

For you who don't like her, you don't need to end her career. The ex-couple is already solving their problems in court. You who do not want this to happen, that she loses the role in the film, help by leaving your petition.