Cheers to bringing back Johnny Depps name!

Cheers to bringing back Johnny Depps name!

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Maisy - Anne Clark started this petition to The Walt Disney Company and

In the sea of Amazing actors and actresses, Johnny Depp always always seems to break through the tide. He captures many eyes with his eccentric and unique characters, his charming charisma , and his contagious humour, which seems to ignite a spark of humbleness within us all.

His works like Public Enemies, Pirates of the Caribbean Series, Finding Neverland, dark Shadows, Sweeny Todd,Sleepy Hollow( I could go on) have shown his versatility and his great depths to which he can go and is praised all over the world. His ability to go to any extent for his characters, is just phenomenal.

You may not like the guy, but you can't deny he has skill and talent.

“With any part you play, there is a certain amount of yourself in it. There has to be, otherwise it’s just not acting. It’s lying”

What I admire most about Depp, is his commitment and dedication to his job. He doesn't treat it as a job, thus a different way of breathing. A different way of expression. He stands by the idea that " we are all somewhat screwy in a way" and that we should embrace our weirdness and imperfections.

I used to believe that i was insignificant. That I was made to feel different. Because I didn't dress a particular way, or I didn't think the 'right' way. But Johnny Depp made me feel that it was okay to be me.

He has inspired me to live my life to the full. With smiles and laughter and through enjoyment.

Please don't take him from our screens. Please don't take away the man that inspires me to not survive. But to live.


Johnny has brought nothing but happiness and joy to our hearts, innocence and clarity from our souls, and the laughter and smiles from our lips when we were sad.

He has touched my heart and opened my mind.

So please Don't crush his reputation , he is not a piece of dirt you can kick with your shoe, he is not a product of society. He is a man. With family,  with problems, and with a heart.

We should all be trying to work together , we all need to be little more understanding.

It is not good to be singled minded. For it means your mind is closed to other ideas or opinions. And if you are not open to any other ideas or opinions then you are intolerant of them. This is called bigotry. Bigotry is an ugly thing, and is often found alongside of other deplorable traits such as arrogance, conceitedness and narcissism.

It is much better to have an open mind, The best way to knowledge is to explore. As soon as you put the breaks on exploration, you are being single minded. All this does is slow down progress.

Life is not just seeing whats in front of you or hearing something from your next door neighbor. You have to delve in much deeper than that. I think it's time to look over the rainbow.


These are just a handful of 100 responses to why the public believe "Johnny Depp is innocent"

  • "Because as a male victim of abuse, seeing [Johnny Depp’s] reputation be ruined and stay ruined even after heaps of evidence came out showing that he was the victim, made me feel abandoned. I support [Johnny Depp] to show others like myself they’re not alone." — @lightrey
  • "Because I’ve experienced a version of Amber Heard. I’ve seen how female abusers work. And male victims of [Domestic Violence] deserve to be seen." — @m1che11ePearl
  • "It was obvious to me almost from the outset that her claims were questionable and that the media coverage was biased. The more facts emerged, the more strongly I felt a real injustice was being done. I was incensed by the media, in particular. Later, it was the way [Amber Heard] used her claims to build a platform as an activist and the way she was enabled by various organisations which I found disgraceful. She has exploited victims (and I am a [domestic violence] survivor myself) for personal gain & should be held accountable." — @redlikejungle
  • "Having been a victim myself….I could see [Johnny Depp’s] life coming out of his eyes when he was with her….Violence has no gender. All victims...survivors deserve to be heard…and anyone using important platforms to further themselves, are horrible". — @Farrartina1212
  • "I grew up in an abusive household, so when the accusations came out, I was like, “well…Amber isn’t acting like me…but Depp is”. It was so many social signs that I, myself, could relate to. How withdrawn he was…versus the OVER confidence she exuded. I related to him." — @lilyjane916

There are dozens more. These are just some of the voices that make up the choir of Johnny Depp’s online supporters. Survivors, fans , humans. They are individuals who took the time to dig beyond the headlines and media and surfaced saying, “something isn’t right.” They care!

You do not need to agree with them. You do not need to engage with them. But hearing them, listening to them, and trying for a moment to truly understand them, is a good place to start.

This is not only for Johnny, but for the men and who are suffering quietly, from abuse. No one should be made to feel worthless, or exploited unruly.

I assume the foundation of this idea comes from the belief that women have an easier time reporting, and expressing their situation because people are more accepting and helpful when it comes to them. Also, I often hear people say that men are humiliated and ashamed by being abused, as if women aren’t. That is offensive. It not only assumes that a woman’s right to control her own agency and life is somehow less potent, or less important than a man’s, it also assumes a woman has an easier time revealing her situation, because, well, women are simply allowed to seem weak.

It definitely happens. One reason it's less of a concern is because men are supposedly more capable of defending themselves and less likely to be injured.

I say “supposedly” because even though this is often physically true, men can get in a whole lot of trouble for defending themselves especially if they cause any injury to the woman in the process. He is a lot more likely to go to jail than she is EVEN IF she is the one who is doing the abusing. Now how is that fair. It isn't? But we can change that.

If that is the case, are you telling me that defending ones self is a crime if your a man?



Not only with this cruel disease that takes people's lives unwillingly, but I will not, let another disease  such as disregardence, be released.


Sign this Petition and let's help Johnny Depp get his name back . His career back, And most importantly, the smiles back on your children's faces.

With love and wishing you all the best in this weird world right now-
Maisy - Anne Clark - enquiries


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