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Director's Cut of Justice League

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Zack Snyder has devoted seven years of his life to the characters of DC comics,he created an authorial story about the greatest hero of all time and had the courage to go against the industry to mark the cinematic history.Zack enchanted the fans with true and dramatic stories that discussed important issues, using super heroes to bring political issues to people.

When Zack was finishing the biggest project of his life, a tragedy appeared in his life. Taking advantage of his estrangement, Warner Bros rephrased what would be the completion of a life's work.

It is understandable that Warner Bros has to make a profit to satisfy the investor, and so they made the film lighter and shorter to go well at the box office, but that was not how it should have been and had the worst debut of the DCEU in America.

To have a good selling Blu Rays and finish Zack Snyder's vision,Warner Bros should commercialize the Zack Snyder's cut with all the original scenes and the and the Tom Holkenborg's soundtrack.

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