Bring Pushing Daisies Back

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Pushing Daisies ended 10 years ago because the show was canceled, so that they could only aired 2 season of this show. 

I do this petition because on June 9, Bryan Fuller (the creator of the show) and Lee Pace (the main actor) reunited in New York to tall about more future proyects together. Perhaps is going to be a third season, but we can dream about it. 


As well Bryan said in Twitter that he wants the show back:

We miss the show, we need more episodes to see more about what happen next,

- What is going to happen to our favourite couple, Ned (Lee Pace) and Chuck (Anna Friel)? 

- Is the "aunt" of Chuck going to tell the real secret that she hides?

- Is Olive Snook (Kristin Chenoweth) going to fell in love with another man apart of Ned?

There is a lot more question to be aswered and to be make. If you want this show back, please sing the petition, shared it with fans and the cast and crew of the show. If you want you can use in twitter the HT #PushingDaisiesBringitBack. As well you can tag in twitter and other social media, ACB Network and Warner Bros.

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