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Warner Bros Animation, Warner Bros, DC Comics, DC Entertainment: Move Young Justice and Green Lantern to The CW's Vortexx

Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series have been two extraordinarily popular adaptations of the DC Universe, attracting fans of all ages and gaining an incredible internet following. These shows are well written and extraordinarily well animated, and feature a variety of excellent characters, with both series featuring strong female characters and Young Justice further having a diverse cast and showcasing many characters who can no longer be found within the comics themselves. We feel that the contribution they represented was important, and that their popularity should have guaranteed them renewal. Only problem is that there has been a trend lately where Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon have been mistreating properties that are not directly produced by them. A good example is how Nickelodeon treated Power Rangers Super Samurai. Cartoon Network is just as guilty with how they treated Young Justice and Green Lantern. This petition is to get Warn Bros. and DC Comics to make a deal to put Young Justice and Green Lantern on The CW's Vortexx so that their many followers can continue to watch for a long time.

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