Unban Gornak

Unban Gornak

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Rocky Death Knight started this petition to Warmane staff

Greetings Warmane Staff !

Recently a player on the Frostwolf realm named 'Gornak' received a lengthy ban of 2 months for exceeding a multiboxing limit. He received an infraction for doing this on WotLK and got banned while multiboxing on MoP. He was being especially careful to respect the rules.

Here is an excerpt of a post by Proterean concerning the multiboxing limit
{ http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=434119 }

He was following the rules by logging only 5 characters at a time to help queue LFR which requires a total of 25 players which is very difficult to acquire on the scarcely populated Frostwolf. This was instrumental in reviving the PvE scene in the Horde faction and especially for making LFR doable again.

As per the new rules, the 5 character limit is inapplicable within instances anyway so not only is it an unjust ban but also a very harmful course of action taken by Warmane staff that has essentially destroyed all hopes of being able to queue for LFR again for the foreseeable future and also killed the Horde PvE scene.

The ban statement by GM Smyth states that it is within the "communities best interest" for Gornak to be punished but we as the Frostwolf community do not agree with these actions. We have also tried reaching the staff on Forums but were shut down by moderation staff and this is the last avenue.

Thus, we as the Frostwolf community strongly desire that we start the new year not with hostility but with hope for the future and unbanning Gornak is the first step in that direction.

Kind Regards.

24 have signed. Let’s get to 25!