Bring back Uncharted 2-3 multiplayer on Ps4

Bring back Uncharted 2-3 multiplayer on Ps4

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Naughty Dog (sony corporation)

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Lanciata da Marco Cerroni

Hi everyone
I am WarIsEgo
I am asking your help,all of you
I need your sign for this petition
Bring back uncharted 2/3 multiplayer on ps4
Because I am not speaking for me, I have the whole uncharted competitive community
behind my back supporting my opinion

Uncharted 2/3 on ps4 would be a lot of beatiful things...

Best graphics,smooth game with 60 fps,no hackers and probabily better quality of gaming in general introducing dedicated servers.

I know this will be an hard challenge for Naughty Dog but it isn't impossible...they did for The Last of Us

I wrote to them and and someone answered that we didn't do nothing about becasue they are working on uncharted 4
Wait...dude...this has no sense...uncharted 4 has no patch from a long time ago so what we are talking about
why don't give them what they want?

now stop talking because my english isn't so good and we don't need it
please help me...

Sign the petition,share the video with people you know and rememember
it's free and required less than 1 minute
the link is into the box information below the video.
thanks for watching 
see ya

657 hanno firmato. Arriviamo a 1.000.