Wargaming, stop rewarding illegal bots.

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Wargaming is currently running a competition called the Update 1.0 Grand Extravaganza, whereby the top 251 winners will win an Alienware i7 17inch, or an i7 processor (from places 2nd-251st). The issue is the way you win; by playing the most. Right now there are people 'winning' through clearly using bot programs. 

The real issue is that the winners are going to win because they are cheating, NOT because they are playing skillfully. What this petition demands, is that Wargaming change the way winners are chosen based on another criterion, such as skill, or potentially a replay competition where the community chooses winners.

If winners are chosen based on the current leaders - one, for example, is 'playing' a game every 2.4 minutes, 24 hours a day, for 9 days - then Wargaming will be rewarding clear rule violators of the game (and bot programs are punishable by permanent ban!)